Hammond Family

Kristen contacted me a few weeks ago after seeing our portraits of her friends, the Hill Family. We arranged to meet in the late afternoon to capture an intimate family session at her local beach, just down the road from their home. As we pulled into the carpark, the light was already illuminating the sky in warm hues. The sea could be seen in the distance, sparkling and inviting.

We began laughing instantly, it was the kind of introduction where you immediately feel the warmth and kindness from good people when you first meet. Her eldest daughter, five year old Bonnie was polite and friendly, keen to share stories of her ballet classes and recent attendance at a superhero party. Two-and-a-half year old Lola was quieter, a gentle little girl with wide eyes and a sweet nature. Lola spent the afternoon following her sister’s lead, throwing pebbles into the creek or snuggling into her Daddy’s arms.

Seven month old Richie was content to be carried, his beautiful eyes holding my gaze as I snapped his portrait. I was fortunate to capture a tender moment between Kristen and Richie as she nursed him as the sun set over the distant hills. Watching Kristen so naturally breastfeed in the grassy dunes as she described how each of her children’s middle names are named after precious stones (just like our daughter) was a highlight of my session with the Hammond Family.

These are the moments we love to preserve in time. Thank you, Kristen and family for allowing me to share a magical afternoon with your beautiful family. Happy Mother’s Day.