HILL Family

I met Bobby a few years ago and offered to take her maternity portraits when she was pregnant with her second child. Life is strange sometimes, with time slipping away silently as we go about our busy daily rituals. We kept in contact and one windy, wet afternoon last year I drove to her house on the slope of a steep hill to meet her family. Her four year old son, Zave kept me on my toes as he excitedly showed me his room and toys, whilst her second baby, now a sweet toddler named Maya, gently stirred in her cot in her beautiful room down the hall.

We waited for the rain to stop before venturing outside to feed Lily, the family bunny. Zave soared high in his swing, his Batman cape flapping proudly in the wind. Following our play outside, we drove to a nearby headland, with stormy views over the rough sea. This was a magical afternoon, filled with the high pitched laughter of a young family enjoying their time together. It was definitely worth the wait.

Bella xx