Preview – Singleton FamilyBellingen | NSW, Australia

Emma and Darin travelled to meet us in a special region, just outside of Bellingen with their two young boys, Dominic, 20 months and Lucas, 4. Dom and Lucas were immediately comfortable in their outdoor environment, running across dry creek beds, skimming stones and blowing bubbles. Dom liked to follow his brother to the water’s edge, slipping occasionally on the round rocks but popping up again, dusting himself off and charging on. These boys are tough, fun outdoorsy boys, with energy to burn and it was a fun afternoon for us, following them around snapping photos of them playing as they normally would if we weren’t there to document this little day.

What I love most about our afternoon with the Singletons is that they were comfortable to hang out, play and be themselves. Byron and I were able to capture their true personalities, a few cheeky grins, a mini wobbly from Dom, the flushed cheeks of Lucas as he ran about and the love and commitment between Emma and Darin, who are busy raising their gorgeous family.