Campbell Family

Abby had contacted me shortly after we promoted our Mother’s Day portrait sessions to enquire if we could shoot at her home beach on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to meet with her and her young family on a pretty green headland with views of the beach below.

Several days later we found ourselves blinking into the warm light of a perfect sunrise on a spectacular cloudless morning. A sleepy baby Love squinted at me from her cocoon in the baby carrier wrapped around Byron’s chest as I pottered about, admiring the view and unpacking the car. Abby and Nick arrived shortly afterwards with their two sweet boys, the elder, Bailey, a shy and cautious little soul and Leyton, a happy baby who was content play on his own, his tiny world consisting of drawing in the sand and casting smooth stones into the rock pools.

Watching the Campbell family interact was like sneaking a peak into our near future, little babies growing up by the seaside with their loving parents.